Nighty Night Wellness Candle


Pure soy Aromatherapy candle 

Scent: This calming blend of oils has a fabulous relaxing effect on any space, with a hint of spice and floral notes to soothe and melt away your stress.

The sweet jasmine will fill your room with a warm exotic aroma allowing you to gently drift away to a place of calm. Because it is a pure aromatherapy candle it has a subtle natural scent throw, with no synthetic additives. The effect of the candle is pure as the essential oil is not formulated with additives. just pure essential oil.

Ingredients: German chamomile, organic frankincense and jasmine

Made with Eco Soy wax which is a 100% natural soy wax providing clean burning. And because soy wax has a lower melting point it burns slower and longer.

All candles are hand-poured with good intentions. Approx. 20/24 hrs burn time