Zestfulness Massage Bar


Kick start your day with this tonic for your body!

This blend of invigorating oils will melt on your skin doubling as a luxurious moisturiser that warms with the heat of your body, A little goes a long way, this blend was carefully inspired to invigorate and ease nervous tension, 

It also nourishes your skin’s health. The unique blend is stimulating and fresh, while the blend will boost your immunity, improve blood circulation all the time acting as a tonic to brighten your skin.  You will reap the benefits of juniper berry oil which is renowned for relieving stress and anxiety, 

Scent: A warm blend of citrus oils with hints of fresh and woody undertones

Ingredients: Cera alba (beeswax), Butyrospermum parkii ( organic shea butter), theobroma cacao ( pure cocoa butter), Cocos Nucifera (100% raw coconut butter) coconut oil, ginger, lemon, juniper berry, *limonene, *geraniol, *neral, *geraniol, *linalool, *psi-limonene.

*Occurs naturally in essential oils
Contains Organic Ingredients
Contains Nut Products

Keep massage bar covered and in a cool place

50g comes in a travel-friendly recyclable tin.