covid care box


Want to help a family member a friend a work colleague? or anyone while they self isolate themselves.

Don't let symptoms of covid stress them out, why not incorporate these pure aromatherapy oils into their isolation routine. 

Each box contains a pure aromatherapy zestfulness candle this antibacterial candle will not only freshen up their space but also clean the air as the virus passes through their home. it also eases nervous tension, irritability and mental fatigue. Combined with notes of fresh juniper and spice.   

Two aromatherapy rollers

a soothing headache medic roller to ease the pain of headaches, pain and nausea,

and sinus minus roller to ease congestion. 

Chest ease balm to soothe  ease and awaken your senses with these earthy & calming oils add a hint of freshness and spice to boost your immune system for a warming winter chest balm.  

and a nourishing blend of hand sanatiser 30ml

A gentle on the skin  formula to keep those hands 99.9%bacteria and germ free.