"These products are AMAZING for helping you sleep. Aideen sent me a beautiful gift at Christmas and I'm still benefiting!"
- Fiona Brennan, @the_positive_habit_ 

"Nice Irish company making candles that don't have that "fake smell" stuff that annoys your nose!"
- Dermot Whelan, Today FM

"Love my order, I received Aideen. The packaging and attention to detail is amazing. So beautifully arranged. Beautiful products, and the candles are divine!"
- Allure Hair & Beauty, Ballinamore

 "I love all your product - so fabulous, and all smell so nice! Thanks for my delivery, was so prompt."
- jaclannon

 "Aideen! Bought your Scratchy Skinners bar for my daughter's dry skin and it has cleared up so well in the space of a week! What I love about the bars is they're not greasy at all and feel amazing. THANK YOU!"
- mustarddesign_v

"For anyone with kids that have eczema, I got the Scratchy Skinners massage bar, it’s the only thing that works for my son and I tried so many different products, can’t recommend enough."
- Veronica

"Aideen, I love your sleep products. I usually wake many times during the night, but since I started using your oil I am sleeping so much better."
- Breda, Mayo

"I love Aideen's range. Initially bought Scratchy Skinners for my itchy runner's feet. During lockdown, I developed stress-related psoriasis on my face, which was very itchy. Tried various pharma creams with no success, so on a whim I applied the massage bar instead. My symptoms were relieved overnight, and after a few days disappeared. Now when it flares up I reach for this product.The Nighty Night candle also stopped disruption to my sleep and I feel so much better. This is a caring and knowledgeable range at a great price. Thanks Aideen, and wishing you continued success. "
- Emma De Faoite

 "Just a quick note to say this product is absolutely amazing! I have used every possible cream on Sam's exzema - some good, some not so good - but this is hands down the best I've ever used! My own hands are even softer from applying it on his hands!"
- Edel

 "The Christmas Together candle oozes all the scents that are associated with the festive season. Highly recommend. Thanks Aideen."
- Sarah

"Received two candles beautifully presented. Perfect for Christmas or anytime. Well Done Health Scents."
- Mara

"My mam got me the Present Moment candle and I lit it while doing the @dermottodayfm Sunday morning meditation. It was divine!"
- gg5isback

"Have been using Aideen's Sinus Minus for the past six weeks since I had a flare up. Absolutely amazing product that cleared my congestion. So easy to roll on, and the scent is amazing. Can't wait to try her other products - would recommend 100%!"

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