"Shinning a light into people’s dark days, so spread that light...

For me everything I create must come from the soul.  When creating I’m in my happy place" 

I believe in taking time to craft intensely aromatic candles and skincare, so you feel comfortable and at ease in your own skin. I love watching people light up and feel at ease when they inhale my unique blends We believe in using clean green organic gentle ingredients that come straight from nature,

No synthetics

No fragrances,

No chemicals or additives,

Nothing hidden.

I wanted to create a range of products that are organic, fresh and brimming with luxury ingredients. Products that are safe, kind, and healthy for the face, body and mind. 

No cruelty to animals I’m vegetarian so all my products are vegetarian and cruelty free.



         Where my oils are sourced


The oils I use in my range are carefully selected. The essential oils come from an essential oil distillery located in the French region of Provence.

The organic farm covers 25 acres and is located in an area rich in biodiversity. The distillery is divided into 4 buildings, two of which are eco-friendly constructions made of wood from Finland. This organic farm is located in the centre of over 2500 acres of wild lavender and thyme. Here they distil and offer botanically defined 100% natural, pure and certified organic essential oils in accordance with the European (AB), Japanese (JAS) and American (USDA) certifications.

My ingredients will nurture your wellbeing
I source only the best ingredients that are certified organic to create products that respect skin, body and health.

All ingredients used in my products are ethically sourced using traditional methods to minimise processing, making them part of an organic supply chain. They are certified organic, not tested on animals and do not harm the environment. Pure perfect skincare.


My Packaging choices
I love reduced packaging. For me, it’s a simple choice - less waste, better choice for our Environment. I use recycled glass and aluminium to reduce or eliminate the use of plastic where-ever possible. All our  and in time I hope to create a refill return and reuse system. Bottles should be stored in a dark environment.