About Us

How it all began…

It all started from a young age, playing down the long gardens near where I grew up, making mud cakes using wild flowers and conjuring up homemade tea with herbs, nettles, plants and wildflowers. I always had a love of nature’s herbs and nature so I guess it’s little surprise that I went on to study Aromatherapy and Reflexology.

I began my practice over 25 years ago, and have continued to further my knowledge throughout the years.  I'm also a busy mother of 3 including twins, I was a Mum of 3 under 18 months, so I personally know  the stress & struggle that lack of sleep can cause, while  trying to juggle some kind of a work  life balance!!! 

I always had a hands-on approach to work. It was over this time while working in my practice and on such a close level with my clients that it became obvious to me that stress and anxiety is a part of modern life and can affect all of us. All of this and my own personal life experiences inspired me to bring some relief to my clients. 


So Eager to bring some relief to my clients, I began combining my own blends. mixing and layering scents was one of my biggest passions, trying them out on clients with various common ailments. like anxiety, low mood, low energy and sleeplessness.

The feedback was amazing and so encouraging. My clients kept asking me to make up specific blends for them and before I knew it, I was producing products that they could use at home that would benefit their health, relax their mind and body and that would also soothe and balance their emotions and smell fabulous - A kind of self-kindness range!

So fast forward 18 months, lots of hard work and long hours.  I made the choice to follow my heart, to concentrate all my energy, research, and years of experience into making my own handcrafted candles & skincare range. While also benefiting my family & my choice, working from home!!

Based in my workshop in the countryside in Leitrim, I am in the next wave of my life, stepping forward into a new and exciting journey, let the Universe work its magic.