The Power of Essential Oils to Pick You Up in a January Lockdown

The Power of Essential Oils to Pick You Up in a January Lockdown

We all know the feelings of overindulging...


I like to think of January as the door into the new year, where new ideas and changes can begin to happen. It’s also a month where we can boost our immunity and clear our systems. So here are some of the oils I highly recommend for your detox program.

Juniper Berry


Jump for joy with Juniper Berry, not only the spice to add flavour in your gin! It’s also used as the best cure for a hangover...


Juniper Berry oil is a great tonic for your body this dry January! It’s widely known for relieving stress and anxiety, works well on pain, reliefs muscle fatigue, works as a natural laxative so it’s your go to oil when the body can’t handle the load. (use these oils externally)


Ginger Oil


The oil of empowerment, I always feel ginger doesn’t get the love and respect this spice deserves, there’s nothing like the warmth of ginger to ease and soothe aches and pains, to boost digestion and facilitate the elimination of toxins. So why use ginger in January??

Well, it boosts your immunity, its warming, energising, and soothes emotions like sadness and its known for its ability to create feelings of confidence so why would you not use ginger in January!


Lemon Oil


Lemon oil is like liquid sunshine, it’s a wonderful cleansing and purifying oil, which makes it ideal to boost your metabolism, enhance your concentration, and energy, while eliminating toxins. It will lift any negative feelings and balance your mood and emotions...


Lemongrass Oil


If you’re recovering from illness, fever, mental fatigue or feelings of nervous exhaustion this oil is for you. Its soothing lemon grassy smell is the perfect lift to get you moving in time for a welcoming spring.

So why not incorporate these pure aromatherapy oils into your new year, to help improve your overall health and wellbeing.

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