How Scent Can Alleviate Anxiety

How Scent Can Alleviate Anxiety

Are you having trouble getting to sleep? Are you having disturbed sleep or trouble getting back to sleep if awakened? Do you find endless thoughts are constantly keeping you awake? Imagine your thoughts like a piece of chickweed blowing up a lonely road gathering and gathering more and more and adding and adding until you just feel your head is so swamped you can’t switch it off? 

Where and when will it stop!!! Well, you are not alone? It’s time to learn the art of relaxation…

You really just need to slow it all down, you are only human, start by taking a long slow deep breath in. And again, long and slow, deep breath in, turn your attention to your breath. Allow your thoughts to move into the background, acknowledge where the thoughts have gone, your body is slowly beginning to soften. Each breath is slow and deep.

Acknowledge how you’re feeling and what mood are you in today? Are you feeling sad, lonely, happy, angry, feel fear, pain…? Relax into whatever way you are feeling, your feelings change throughout the day these feelings aren’t a product of you.

Let go of any tension, let your thoughts settle all you can be is yourself, ask yourself, what will support me best as I move through my day?

Connect with nature, listen to music, connect with water a stream, lake, the sea, even a puddle or a warm relaxing bath, water has a powerful way of grounding you.

The most effective methods to use Aromatherapy for anxiety are, lighting an aromatherapy candle, an aromatic bath using a blend of oils, a massage, and roller bottles, two ways essential oils enter the body are through the nose and through the skin.

Three easy Ways I like to use aromatherapy are…

  • Lighting a wellness candle using a combination of different scents for different feelings, some relax, some sedate, some balance, some rejuvenate…
  • Glide a massage bar onto your skin, the oils in the bar will absorb through the heat of your skin, giving you the result, you need without a mess. Leaving you and your skin feeling amazing smelling great and you feeling calm and relaxed, give yourself a massage, or share the love with your partner.
  • Roller bottle, quick on the move handy way to apply your essential oils. These can be used for headaches caused by tension, or to boost your mood, whichever blend I feel will support me, some days I pick or mix throughout the day. Depending on how I feel.

You can also go visit my online shop for some blends to help you sleep easier, relax more, and increase calmness and relaxation.

Hope this helps you, Relax into your day