Give yourself the love you deserve

Give yourself the love you deserve

We all need to feel loved but most of the time we end up looking outside ourselves for this love happiness and fulfilment when it’s always there inside of us.

Why not let love touch your heart and release the tight grip we can sometimes hold within our heart, with this simple exercise.

For this you will need a quiet space a blanket and just a few minutes of your time.

Allow yourself to get comfortable and close your eyes.

Take a long slow deep breath in and gently release, and take another long slow deep breath, and continue until you feel your body start to relax.

Place your hands on your heart in the centre of your chest.  If you like allow a colour surround your heart a soft pink, white, or pale green, or any colour you feel you would like to surround your heart with today.

Gently continue to breathe in and out, ask your heart to talk to you, what does your heart need to say right now what emotion do you need  to release today, is it sadness, is it hurt, is it loneliness do you feel empty maybe you feel light, love hope, fear or grief right now, whatever you feel allow it to speak.  Allow your heart to release these feelings no matter what they are, just listen to what your heart is trying to say.

Spend this time with your heart, only you know what it needs right now, let go of the tight grip you feel or the heavy dark feeling you may experience inside your chest, whatever feelings come up, allow them to release, you might find your mood changing a little that’s ok, tears may fall as you soften your heart just allow those tears to release, don’t judge just allow these feelings to flow.

Sometimes we need to accept how we really feel and just sit with it.

Now place an intention you would like to see happen for you today, this week or this year, and gently breathe in, filling your heart with this love and intention.  Now allow this love touch your heart, healing your heart filling your heart with the love it deserves right now, imagine your sealing your heart up. Feel that love surround you, allow this flow of love fill you. Now send this love out to anyone you feel that needs it right now,

let your love shine